Thursday, May 27, 2010

BP Stops Oil Flow Into Gulf of Mexico

The earth is filled with invisible dinosaurs magically subducting themselves into the mantle...=)

New Scientist: BP stops oil flow into Gulf of Mexico.

The effort to plug the flow of oil from the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico has achieved a crucial milestone. BP engineers and US coastguard officials say the flow of oil into the ocean has stopped, although the well has not yet been successfully capped.

BP engineers yesterday began the so-called Top Kill operation to pump thousands of tonnes of mud into the well in an effort to fill the bore hole and block the passage of oil to the sea. Once the pressure in the bore had dropped to zero, they planned to cap the hole with concrete.

This afternoon, BP announced that the operation had succeeded in stopping the flow of oil but that there was a still small amount of pressure in the well which prevents them from capping it, according to the LA Times.

A live video feed of the leak from the bottom of the ocean now appears to show a plume of mud coming from the well.

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