Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scientists Hunt for Aliens

Metro: UK Mission to Find Alien Life in Earth’s Atmosphere.

Scientists are launching a mission to search for alien life in Earth’s atmosphere that they believe could have hitched a ride on comets and asteroids.

in a joint £60,000 venture with the European Space Agency, British boffins will send a balloon 21 miles up above the Arctic this week to look for alien micro-organisms.

The device will Hoover up the air in the stratosphere through a series of filters, which will then be sealed for analysis back on terra firma.

Clara Juanes-Vallejo, who is directing the Cranfield University research team, said: ‘There are theories that life on Earth came from space, so we need to know that life can survive the conditions of space for this to be true.

‘The environment in the stratosphere is very extreme. It can get down to -90 degrees C and is a near vacuum. If we know that life can survive in such an extreme environment, then it could also survive in places like Mars or on asteroids. in places like Mars or on asteroids.’

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