Thursday, January 27, 2011

Humans Left Africa Sooner Than Tards Realized

Associated Press: Humans may have left Africa earlier than thought.

WASHINGTON – Modern humans may have left Africa thousands of years earlier than previously thought, turning right and heading across the Red Sea into Arabia rather than following the Nile to a northern exit, an international team of researchers says.

Stone tools discovered in the United Arab Emirates indicate the presence of modern humans between 100,000 and 125,000 years ago, the researchers report in Friday's edition of the journal Science.


Quantum_Flux said...

lol, good one :)

Jeffery Keown said...

Let's face facts here. The use of the word "tards" paints Oils for what he is. An offensive, small-minded troll.

He should stick to Christian Forums, this blog draws a cartoon of science and then complains that the doodle is inaccurate.