Monday, November 10, 2008

The Irrefutable Expansion of Ganymede

"The bright terrain formed as Ganymede underwent some extreme resurfacing event, probably as a result of the moon's increase in size". -- Prockter, L.M., Icing Ganymede, Nature, Volume 410, Pages 25-27, 2001

Collins et al. (1999) agree that the formation of the grooved terrain on Ganymede was likely the result of post-formation "global expansion".

Collins, G.C., Pappalardo, R.T., & Head, J.W., Surface Stresses Resulting From Internal Differentiation: Application to Ganymede Tectonics, Lunar and Planetary Science XXX, 1695, 1999

"Researchers now believe that Ganymede's more youthful-looking half could be due to a crust that stretched--as has happened in the past few million years on Europa--rather than any sort of icy volcanism, as many had assumed." -- Richard. A. Kerr, 2001

Kerr, R.A., Jupiter's Two-Faced Moon, Ganymede, Falling Into Line, Science, Volume 291, Number 5501, Pages 22-23, 2001

"Since planets and moons did not pop into existence at their current size, everyone agrees they must have expanded at some point in their history." -- Dennis D. McCarthy, biogeographer/geoscientist, 2005

"Ganymede's grooved terrain likely formed during an epoch of global expansion..." -- Michael T. Bland and Adam P. Showman, 2007

Bland, M.T., and Showman, A.P., The Formation of Ganymede's Grooved Terrain: Numerical Modeling of Extensional Necking Instabilities, Icarus, Volume 189, Issue 2, Pages 439-456, Aug 2007

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Anaconda said...


Truly, irrefutable evidence.

The questions that haven't been answered yet, are when did the expansion occur, is it occuring now, and how or why did it occur?

(I realize you are convinced by Tassos' work, but there are other possible explanations.)

It seems irrefutable expansion on Ganymede when connected to evidence right, here, on Earth makes for a strong case that Earth is, indeed, expanding.

And, as I've stated before, an expanding Earth proves Abiotic Oil theory that much more so.