Saturday, April 2, 2011

Was there a Nuclear War on Mars?

"And then the great Rishis, approaching the gods, spake unto them, 'Lo, in the middle of the night springeth a great heat striking terror into every heart, and destructive of the three worlds.'" -- Mahabharata, Book I: Adi Parva, Section XXIV, 8th century B.C.

Fox News: Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?
"The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium -- and this pattern radiates from a hot spot [on Mars],” Brandenburg told

“A nuclear explosion could have sent debris all around the planet," he said. "Maps of gamma rays on Mars show a big red spot that seems like a radiating debris pattern ... on the opposite side of the planet there is another red spot." ...

The radioactivity also explains why the planet looks red.

Brandenburg said gamma ray spectrometry taken over the past few years shows spiking radiation from Xenon 129 -- an increase also seen on Earth after a nuclear reaction or a nuclear meltdown, including the one at Chernobyl in 1986 and the disaster in Japan earlier this month.

Dr. David Beaty, Mars program science manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told that he finds the idea intriguing and fascinating. But to prove the science, the agency would need to plan a mission to explore Mare Acidalium on Mars. ...

“This massive nuclear explosion on Mars seems to defy natural explanation,” said Brandenburg.
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Anonymous said...

Planetary plasma discharges in arc mode can produce these nucleides. Ignore the plasma factor and all sorts of bizarre scenarios then have to be advanced to explain the measurements.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Agree with Louis.

Such a technologically advanced civilization would have left more evidence, above where the glacial melt eventually settled. WE EU adherents suspect system wide cataclysms and therefore it is liklier that there was a poetic approach taken than there was also a war that involved several planets being devastated, but there is a small possibility.

All the evidence might be found in the Himalaya or Andes? These are likely the places most regarded by them as safe at that time?

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Anonymous said...

I recall reading some years back that both the Himalays and the Andes were uplifted during human times. And Indians reckoned that the himalayas were once covered by forrests.

If this was the case then geochronology is somewhat awry but one would need a bit more data than my memory.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

While we know that there have been massive glacial melts, one in N America and the larger in Asia, with moraines and channels, but we politely gloss over the causes. The latest theory sets out astronomical involvement based upon those micro-diamonds embedded in creatures and objects all buried at once, it seems. The brush of a planet would give rise to orogenesis and massive friction. Add the expanded earth then we may have had a direct hit, causing all sorts of gravitational anomalies, continental movements and wave action worldwide. The DNA geeks suggest we had a choke point 70,000 years ago when humans faced extinction, based presumably on some hypothetical common ancestor scenario. We are aware of vulanism at that time, but again that would be merely a symptom of a direct collision. The isotopes could all be off due to electrical incidences at the same time caused by "thunderbolt" action. I wonder what our ancestors, now buried under glacial waters 300 feet higher than when they lived, thought about this? We will only know when we seek out the answers at those depths.