Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is Sirius a Triple Star?

Benest, D., and Duvent, J.L., Is Sirius a Triple Star?, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 299, Page 621, July 1995

Sirius has been discovered as double more than 130 years ago. From the beginning of our century up to now, observational as well as physical and dynamical indications lead to the hypothesis of the existence of a third body in the system. In this paper, we present recent orbital analysis of the binary Sirius A-B which, helped by numerical simulation of triple systems, strengthens the idea for the triplicity of Sirius: a tiny star could revolve in about 6 years around Sirius A. Finally, we discuss the possibility of direct detection for this suspected Sirius C.
If there is indeed a Sirius C it would support Dogon and Egyptian cosmology. Mermen, called the Nommo, such as the Athenian King Cecrops I are said to have come from the Sirius system. The Acropolis in Athens is named after Cecrops I.

The white main sequence star Sirius A and it's white dwarf companion Sirius B are 8.58 light years from the Earth.


Jeffery Keown said...

I love it. Mainstream science is bullshit, until it agrees with your bullshit.


OilIsMastery said...

Search your feelings; you know it to be true.

Jeffery Keown said...

The paper seems like solid science. Say Sirius is a triple star. So what does this mean, really? It could mean:

The Dogon and the Egyptians guessed really well.

They were visited by aliens who told them.

Using advanced technology, psionics or some other weirdness, they knew first hand.

Pick the one that best represents your intrepretation.

OilIsMastery said...


"It could mean:

The Dogon and the Egyptians guessed really well."

I believe that is nonsense. Common sense eliminates the "lucky guess" hypothesis.

How is it possible to believe that Job, Homer, Democritus, Johannes Kepler, Jonathan Swift, and the Dogon have miraculous powers of remote viewing to "guess" the truths of the unobserved universe, and simultaneously believe this magical clairvoyant ability is somehow conveniently lacking in other human beings?

"They were visited by aliens who told them."


"Using advanced technology..."

And clearly.

Jeffery Keown said...

At the very least, Kepler used the 1,2,4 moons idea and a bad translation of Galileo's writings to arrive at Mars' moons.

Swift, as I've mention elseblog, was wildly inaccurate on the moons orbital period. You simply keep believing in the man for reasons unknown to me. He was writing fiction... not an astronomical dissertation.

Democritius, again, as I've said, was a very imaginative person, perhaps the best of his day. What prediction can you make from his words?

That there are other worlds, and they have different qualities from ours.

That's where it ends.

As for the Dogon... good question. I do not know much about them, but I'll work on it.

As for the alien visitation thing, that's the sort of stuff my dad beleived in. He would have been a Velikovsky fan, were he bookish enough to have known about him.

In fact, you two would have gotten along swimmingly. My earliest memory of him is his silhouette against the brilliance of the Crab Pulsar-like thingie in the beginning of "Chariots of the Gods?" back in 1970.

Is that why I keep returning? Do I have a buried need for a crackpot in my life? Perhaps.

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