Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Did Hunter Gatherers Remove The Tops of Mountains?

Courtesy of The History Channel not the Mythology Channel.


Jeffery Keown said...

I do not see a link. Could you link to the story please. This could seriously add weight to your arguments of ancient visitation!

The kind of evidence I'm looking for perhaps?

Jeffery Keown said...

After watching the videos (there are a few in the series) I'll say this:

If this is indeed a fact, that aliens visited earth in the distant past (something not entirely impossible) it makes a lie of every religion, and of almost every other perception of the universe.

To me, the universe is so vast, we cannot be alone, by the merest of probability arguments. The distances between inhabited worlds must be large indeed.

Perhaps the aliens stopped by here. They weren't travelling at the speed of light (you can't) and it would have taken a long time to cross our system. Were we an interstellar rest stop? Are they still out there? On their way to where ever they're going?

I do not think my skeptical position on matters is compromised when I say Nazca and other places look like alien visitation evidence.