Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Encounters at the End of the World

"Those few who have experienced the world under the frozen sky often speak of it as going down into the cathedral." -- Werner Herzog, film maker, 2007

"There are creatures that are down there that are like science fiction creatures. They range in the way that they would gobble you up from slime type blobs. But creepier than classical science fiction blobs. These would have long tendrils that ensnare you and as you tried to get away from them you would just become more and more ensnared by your own actions. And then after you would be frustrated and exhausted, then this creature would start to move in and take you apart. So that's one example of one of the types of creatures and then there are other worm type things with horrible mandibles and jaws and just bits to rend your flesh. It really is a violent, horribly violent, world. That is obscure to us because we are encased in neoprene and we're much larger than that world. So it doesn't really affect us. But if you were to shrink down and to miniaturize into that world, it would be a horrible place to be. Just horrible." -- Samuel A. Bowser, biologist, 2007

"The end of human life on this Earth is assured. Human life on Earth is part of an endless chain of catastrophes. The demise of the dinosaurs being just one of these events." -- Werner Herzog, film maker, 2007

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Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

A very pessimistic view. We are capable of but not inevitably fated to avoid the effects of all potential catastrophes by means of dispersion through space. I do admit that inter galactic travel seems very daunting, but by sending our DNA, and records of all available cultures, we may make some creatures day in the nearest galaxy. Or else be fined for littering!