Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Matter From Sun Causes Earth To Grow

Science Daily: Solar Explosion Tracked All the Way from the Sun to Earth.

ScienceDaily (Apr. 14, 2010) — An international group of solar and space scientists has built the most complete picture yet of the full impact of a large solar eruption, using instruments on the ground and in space to trace its journey from the Sun to Earth.

Dr Mario Bisi of Aberystwyth University presented the team's results, which include detailed images, on the 13th of April at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting in Glasgow.

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are giant eruptions of the Sun's atmosphere from its 'surface' which are ejected out into space. They are many times larger than Earth and typically contain over a billion tonnes of matter. CMEs travel away from the Sun at speeds of up to several million kilometres an hour (between 200 and 2000+ kilometres per second) and can impact on comets, asteroids, and planets -- including Earth.

Our planet is normally protected from CMEs by the terrestrial magnetic field, but the twisted magnetic fields carried by CMEs can break through this protective shield, causing particles to stream down over Earth's polar regions. They can also lead to displays of the northern and southern lights (aurora borealis and australis).


GMB said...

Is the matter direct from the sun? Because the earth appears to grow from the inside-out. It doesn't seem like the stuff is settling on the surface or anything like that?

You know you think at first that it might be being collected by the leaves and converted that way. But what we see seems more consistent with new matter creation near the earths centre. Or at least deep in the earth.

Quantum_Flux said...

that's one hypothesis

OilIsMastery said...

Positive electron holes go straight through the earth to the core. They have cosmic ray detectors in the earth to prove it.

GMB said...

Positive electron holes? What exactly is that?

Is there and electric current going as far down as we are able to measure? Is there something more to these "positive electron holes" then that?

OilIsMastery said...

Yes Sir and welcome to the website.

Jeff said...

I've been thinking about this one for a few years now. Halton Arp's observation and study of high luminosity objects (quasars) points towards their being relatively recent ejections from reasonably distant parent galaxies, rather than existing as the exceedingly bright, astoundingly energetic and stupendously distant objects as mainstreamedly promoted. The latter assessment hinges on the acceptance of "redshift" as an indicator of velocity and distance. Arp contends that redshifted light is rather a function of something entirely different and heretofore not understood.
If indeed these quasars do represent newly created matter and young proto galaxies in formation, could not matter creation occur on a smaller scale, such as within the earth? The sun would provide all the energy. The earth is bathed in its electrical field and as such continuously manifests charges and discharges of energy in the form of vulcanism, weather, earthquakes etc.
Plasma has been called the 4th state of matter. Since the universe is 99.99% plasma, it appears that the matter that does exist has been condensed from this state. The earth is a plasma "egg", perhaps initially ejected from the sun as a smaller diameter agglomeration condensed within the sun itself.
By continuing the thought experiment along these lines, I can't help but wonder about the gas giants out beyond the four inner rocky planets. Are they what remains of expanded/exploded planets? Are comets and asteroids remnants of the destruction from rocky bodies to more a transitional gas giant state?
I know I'm making some large intuitive leaps here, but since my official edjumacation consists of a BS in Studio Art, any fall to earth requires only a bandaid or two instead of a destroyed career.
Excellent website, BTW!

GMB said...

Jeff I don't think we can take this energy-matter equivalence for granted. If we do the sort of energy that would be needed for the new matter creation that appears to be going on would be astronomical.

Neal Adams deals with this new matter creation by proposing that there is all this "Prime Matter" about the place. Less effectual matter, not currently interacting with our protons to much of a degree so not being detected. And part of this new matter creation would be the conversion of this less effectual matter into the real stuff.

If so the Prime Matter would seem to be combining with electrons in some way. Because oil is mastery is pointing out all these electrons traveling to the centre, and where do we see them coming out? They don't. They just get absorbed and they don't come out again. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about that. Because right here we seem to have an electron sink.

This implies to me that electrons may be incorporated into the nucleus of matter as the atoms are being built. Vastly more electrons incorporated in the atom then protons and then we have been lead to believe.

If we see the atom as a real structure and not just a mathematical conception, there is no reason to suppose that electrons incorporated in this way would be able to express their charge. Their charge may be blocked. Hence new matter creation would become a sort of electron sink.

If this is the case we don't need such arbitrary ideas as the "strong nuclear forces" or any such other jive. Since you could have the electrons within the atom holding the protons in and stopping them from being pushed apart.

The upshot of this is that when a planet, a star or a nuclear weapon explodes, there could be a lot more electrical charge to come out of it then what standard physics would suggest. And I think thats what has been found.

I don't think the Manhattan project really expected these huge electrical impulses that are generated in nuclear blasts. I think that came as a bit of a surprise and I wonder if it lead them to rethink their model at all.

GMB said...

"I can't help but wonder about the gas giants out beyond the four inner rocky planets. Are they what remains of expanded/exploded planets?"

I would suggest that they are our future. And that their apparent gaseousness is really just an extension of the development of the atmosphere.

I think it would go moons to planets to gas giants and onto stars. With an enormous amount of catastrophe and culling along the way.

See how our galaxy has these spiral arms? See how they rotate? Well you follow that through you expect the galaxy to wrap around and lose that classic shape. For the shape to be warped and for the density of stars to get too much in the middle. What with things growing and this wrapping action.

So I think before that happens a mighty shockwave will go out. Maybe even lessen gravity for a short time, cause orbits to expand, explode planets and stars. Whereas most orbits would in this scenario grow a little larger, some could be thrown right out of kilter for a time.

I don't know why we are worried about CO2 when it might be that we have all sorts of real problems moving towards us as we speak.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Most of us are not worried about CO2, nor Ozone holes.

Industry is, as they need constant stimulus to make slaves work and to make profit from that.

Keeping us unaware is the norm. This is a revolutionary blog, not the only one but a fine one man effort!

Truth is beng acquired all the time.

As a CME proceeds, it may combine matter? Parts of it slow down, causing changed non-homogenous conditions. All sorts of matter and pure elements may be created, destroyed and recreated. The electrical layers may not be able to prevent some mixing, causing this to happen?

As the earth's atmosphere is 80% N, the H+ will inevitably create amines. Also Ammonmia. Amino acids anyone?

Anonymous said...

The Ultimate Truth ...

Quantum_Flux said...

It is the positive terminal of a battery that is grounded to the Earth, that is the terminal that emits electron holes, aka attracts electrons. Are you suggesting that deeper down in the Earth the core attracts holes and repells electrons OIM?

Quantum_Flux said...

I'm definantly starting to agree with this grandiose model.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


GMB said...

"It is the positive terminal of a battery that is grounded to the Earth, that is the terminal that emits electron holes, aka attracts electrons. Are you suggesting that deeper down in the Earth the core attracts holes and repells electrons OIM?"

If you are sold on growing earth theory then you tend to look at things pretty differently then if you aren't. My best guess right now is that the electrons will be incorporated into new matter creation. If they are surrounded on all sides they may not be able to express their charge in some simple mathematical way. And as the new matter is being created there will be an ongoing electron dearth.

But the contrary situation would arise if there were exploding planets and supernovae. The micronisation of almost all of a planet or a star down to subatomic particles, would wind up releasing all this stored up electrical energy. Now the electrons would no longer be surrounded. Their latent charge could be expressed.

Yes there would be shockwaves of some sort. But there would also be the general electrical energy and particles pulsing around the place and driving the other half of this electrical flow equation.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

David Howard:
You are promoting a disinfo website! Transmutation occurs at high electrical energies, and not just in nuclear explosions. The sun sorts such material ....... poor try.