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Supervolcanoes: Origin Unknown

Science Daily: Scientists Explore Origins of 'Supervolcanoes' on the Sea Floor: Ancient Goliaths Blamed for Multiple Mass Extinctions.

ScienceDaily (Apr. 10, 2010) — "Supervolcanoes" have been blamed for multiple mass extinctions in Earth's history, but the cause of their massive eruptions is unknown.

Despite their global impact, the eruptions' origin and triggering mechanisms have remained unexplained.


Anonymous said...

If you think of volcanos as electrical discharge sites, then the super-volcanos could have been the discharge sites between Earth and some other cosmic body - say Venus, followed by Mars.

OilIsMastery said...

That makes the most sense to me...:)

GMB said...

Fellas I think I was able to make a link between super-volcanoes, and all the supernovae in history.

I started looking for the connection after I found out from a Paul LaViolette article that an earthquake ten times stronger then any other in 25 years was associated with a gamma ray burst 100 times more intense then anything measured.

But the earthquake got here first!!!

Hence the shockwave must have started out traveling faster than the speed of light before slowing down to that speed.

Here is some evidence linking one to the other.

“The eruption of Baitoushan volcano in 1054 was one of the largest eruptions in the world in the past 10,000 years.”

“On July 4, 1054 A.D., Chinese astronomers noted a guest star in the constellation Taurus.”

The volcano date is given variously. But the only source that is willing to narrow it, to the year, gives it as 1054.

“SN 1006 was a supernova, widely seen on Earth beginning in the year 1006 CE; Earth was about 7200 light-years away from the supernova. It was the brightest apparent magnitude stellar event in recorded history…”

“In AD 1006 a great catastrophe engulfed Java which reduced the capital city to ashes…”

“..Some four hundred years ago, in the upland region of southern Peru, a volcano named Huaynaputina exploded; catastrophically. It was February 19, 1600, and is recorded as the largest volcanic explosion in South America in historic times.”

This was an ongoing series of disasters 1600-1604. Here I would claim that the initial impulse which sets off the supernova, starts from the galactic centre.

But since here we are assuming a disaster period running 1600-1604 rather than a single disaster, I assume the initial impulse starts at the galactic centre, touches off a supernova elsewhere, and both effects reverberate to us. Hence the four year lead-time. Rather than just a few days.

Although admittedly this is a weaker example.

“Scientists now believe that its eruption may have had societal and agricultural impacts worldwide.”

Thats a bit of an understatement. Elsewhere I read that it wiped out one third of the Russians due to famine.

“Supernova 1604, also known as Keplers Supernova…..”

The Lake Taupo explosion in New Zealand relates pretty closely with the Chinese seeing a new supernova.

The best date I got for the Lake Taupo explosion in New Zealand was 180 plus or minus six years.

“SN 185 was a supernova which appeared in the year 185, near the direction of Alpha Centauri, between the constellations Circinus and Centaurus. This guest star was observed by Chinese astronomers in the Book of Later Han,[1] …..”

So Lake Taupo explodes first. The Chinese see the supernova that caused it later on.

Two weaker examples. The first ever Taal eruption of 1572 matches up with the Supernova of that same year. A massive supernova in the Andromeda galaxy in 1885 matches up with Krakatoa in 1883. But this would imply I think that Andromeda is a bit closer than what we are told.

Or simply that the shockwave starts off a great deal faster than the light, and very slowly gets restricted back down to light-speed. Or just a tad above light-speed.

GMB said...

The big problem for us is that all the supernovae listed, of origin in the milky way, would appear to have been set off by the initial shockwave that set off Vela.

That shockwave may have hit us at lets say around 12,300 years ago as a speculation, with the Vela shockwave hitting us around 11,700 years ago.

But then all these other subsequent supernova shockwaves roll back to knock us about all the way up to 1604. I think we can see that this cycle from the one initial eruption, more than 12000 years ago is likely over.

What LaViolette reckons is that we are somewhat overdue for a new cycle. That is to say for a new galactic centre eruption, which would presumably touch off exploding stars and planets, results of which would hit us in the millenia and centuries thereafter.

When I was looking into this I kept running across articles talking about "high-energy photons" the likes of which hadn't been seen before observed coming from the "black hole at the centre of the galaxy."

One gets this nasty feeling the natives may be restless.

Quantum_Flux said...

Interesting line of posts.

Anonymous said...


The supernovae connection is expected in the Plasma Universe model - the connection being electrical.

Consider the Earth as a leaky capacitor which is continually charged by the incoming electricty via the polar Bireklands and the Van Allen plasma torus (Van Allen Belts).

Charge builds up until the electrical stress limit is reached, and Earth, not being a perfect capacitor, then starts to experience electrical short circuits in the upper mantle as the excess internal charge tries to escape.

If it finds a tectonic weakness in that excess charge then erupts as viscous plasma and the Earth reaches a state of electrical equilibrium with its plasma environment.

Allied to this internal electrical activity is the associated biogenic activity associated with the hot deep biosphere that is also generating methane which additionaly erupts to the earth surface.

Unfortunately we don't really know how the two internal effects are coupled, if at all, but electrical discharges are not known to produce methane, while bacteria etc do while ingesting mantle derived hydrocarabons.

However the eplanation that the earth quake which occurred before the gamma ray outburst by assuming the shockwave travels faster than light is wrong but expected in the application of Victorian era physics that ignores electricity.

Anonymous said...

GMB - apologies, I forget to link the exploding superovae with the earthquake - the driving force for both events are the galactic sized Birkeland currents powering both. The electric surge that instantaneously causes the earthquake and the release of electric stress at a distant star happens more or less instantly.

However the arrival of the gamma rays etc from the nova has to traverse space and hence should lag the earthquake.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

I have referred to P LaViolette previously and to find someone who has worked on the theories is very heartening! A very enlightening essay GMB. Well done!

To verify it, though, and I do not actually doubt it, we would need to list all the novae known to us, and earthquake and volcano events and to see to what degree there may be linkage. There might also be linkage to isotope spikes in ice and possibly the birth of Venus?

What is stopping this, as you say, is that many astronomical objects are placed too far away, being based upon a doctrinaire and unproven red shift policy. By taking on board observations of connections between objects with different red shifts, such as to rule out connection, would enable such a survey.

I think that the gravitational effects may be based purely upon the electrical force, being wave like, the frequency virtually commands that the effect arrives before the substance as the wave acts somewhat like a tsunami, and is perceptible as gravitic effect with the amplitude being the electric and magnetic effect. So Louis's point is avoided.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

If you think of volcanos as electrical discharge sites, then the super-volcanos could have been the discharge sites between Earth and some other cosmic body - say Venus, followed by Mars.

Yes! Is there an association between such volcanoes, Yellowstone Tabora, west Med, and electrical machining? Any other associations?

Quantum_Flux said...

Well, perhaps you guys are on to something here. Quite advanced and detailed hypothesis too, hmmmm....

GMB said...

Yeah Louis, I can see how it would make sense with the electric universe. I tried to lay my thesis on at Catallaxy and they said I was an idiot. I was thinking a disruption to gravity but I can see how electrical shock-wave makes sense. Though you are yet to convince me that this impulse ought to beat the gamma ray blast.

But is it all old hat? Have people been making this link in the past all the time? I suppose if its any good as a theory it would have to be redundant.

I spent an whole afternoon of unfunded research on this matter, with growing fascination.

All old hat I suppose.

Fungus the only way I can make the link is by some sort of estimate or normal volcanic activity, as opposed to absolutely extraordinary levels of activity. I think, but do not know. that its a pretty clear pattern.

I'll break it down to my assumed list in a little while. Bear in mind that the nastiest events may come in pairs. Because you may get a central galactic explosion, which will hit us first. But its the shock of the first supernova that this touches off ..... Close to earth .... That ought to be the killer. Even worse then what caused it. A devastating one-two punch in my view.

Louis I cannot see how the electrical surge ought to go a great deal faster than light? Is that normal? Surely it would be comparable. Maybe a little faster or a little slower?

Quantum_Flux said...

the faster than light stuff is quite the extraordinary claim, but perhaps electrical space weather and intense birkland currents causing supervolcanoes, I think there is potentially something to that claim, perhaps a link to abiotic oil too.

GMB said...

Here is a link which may be relevant to this story.

Anonymous said...

Fungus .....

I think the Yellowstone hotspot is a recent electric discharge site, recent being before white man came to the US. If the Indians had a story about it in their traditional stories, then that might pin it down chronologically.

The ocean basins between the continents I would consider to be products of electric machining.

The continental river systems, or drainage patterns have similarities to lictenberg structures and would probably be partially machined crust.

Basins on continents would imply removal of mantle material, and the ideas the late Lance Endersbee proposed in his last book, would need to be considered. A lot of continental subsidence is due to ground water removal.

But enough, I haven't the time to go into detail on this but you have a couple of leads to explore.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a source of electricity feeding two cables going in opposite directions, say one east, the other west. The one in the east terminates in a body that is near it's electrical stress limit.

The westward bound cable terminates in a body that has some capacity to store charge.

Turn the electricty on, and both east and west terminations produce electricity at the same time, except that the easterly one explodes, while the westerly one doesn't, but initially absorbs the current.

a short while later the westerly one requilibrates with its environment by releasing some of its charge internally - earthquake.

Shortly afterwards the gamma rays arrive from the eastern body which had to travel quite a distance to reach the western body, hence the time lag observed by La Violette.

When you turn on your coffee machine, the electricity does not slide down the copper wire to the coffee pot, like a ball rolling down an incline.

Hope this simple explanation helps understanding of what could happen in an electric universe.

GMB said...

Yeah I'm convinced that ones first port of call ought usually be thinking in terms of electric universe. But then again one usual cause ought not rule out another occasional cause.

Gravity is a real thing. It ought to be capable of being disrupted. I wasn't thinking of matters in terms of Victorian-era views of the universe as disconnected and gravity-alone. I was thinking in terms of my own take on Bill Gaede's rope theory of gravity and light.

I really need to learn more about this Electric Universe business. What would be the best book for me do you think Louis?

You know I got onto Gaede because of Oil-is-mastery. He linked Gaede on Richard Dawkins' site just before he got banned.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

pASSED IT ONTO cOLIN hILL of Fractal Universe. He seemed very interested.

Thanks! Not easy to understand, but it does get back to Aether so can't be bad!

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Louis H

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

"It is a well known fact that Maxwell firstly imagined a mechanism made of interconnected aether vortices. However, he finally removed carefully any reference to a mechanism. Maxwell just elaborated a set of equations. He did not discover what was really going on.

Clearly, his assumption that his equations describe moving electric and magnetic fields is highly disputable. There is a more acceptable possibility: radio waves are not electromagnetic, they are rather made of aether waves capable of producing electric and magnetic fields when they attain matter.

Maxwell was a great scientist. He was well aware that all this was uncertain. He wrote: "The energy in electromagnetic phenomena is mechanical energy". So it is still unexplained. However, physicists in radio electricity (especially Lorentz and Poincaré) became very familiar with his equations and finally, they all forgot that it was just an hypothesis."

This is a quote from LaFreniere. Interesting, eh?

GMB said...

What do we know for sure about the speed of electricity transmission. Like just along a wire. And also for example, with the Birkeland currents in deep space.

Do we know for sure what this transmission IS. Is it always electrons moving? Like suppose you have a wire. You have these electrons moving along a wire. Now what is causing the movement. Are the electrons much bigger and fatter then we are told and are they pushing up against the next one.

Or can electrical energy still flow with the electrons staying some real distance apart?

GMB said...

What do we know for sure about the speed of electricity transmission. Like just along a wire. And also for example, with the Birkeland currents in deep space.

Do we know for sure what this transmission IS. Is it always electrons moving? Like suppose you have a wire. You have these electrons moving along a wire. Now what is causing the movement. Are the electrons much bigger and fatter then we are told and are they pushing up against the next one.

Or can electrical energy still flow with the electrons staying some real distance apart?

GMB said...


OIM. Can you remove two of my comments? This one and one of the duplicates above?

Anonymous said...


Best books would be The Big Bang Never Happened by Eric Lerner, which basically started it all off and the Electric Sky by Don Scott, which summarises it in electrical engineering theory but highly accessible to the lay person. Scott wrote it for the lay audience.

Explore and the Mikamar link for other books and information.

GMB said...

Thanks for that. I have to understand this electric universe gear a lot better than I do.

This ignorance on the part of our "scientists" could be the death of us.

Quantum_Flux said...

Magnetism perturbs the Earth within it's gravitational orbit.