Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pyramids In Antarctica

Retardipedia: Pyramid Mountain

Retardipedia: Pyramid Peak


Anaconda said...


California politicians woke up Wednesday morning with a political hangover, as all their budgetary smoke and mirrors were defeated at the polls by the voters.

(Except for the proposition that restricted their pay if they can't balance the budget.)

Now, these same politicians must deal with a budgetary trainwreck of their own making.

There has always been one partial solution sitting on the table, revenue from offshore oil drilling.

Apparently, at least some politicians are taking another look at this option:

Needing cash, Calif. rethinks offshore oil ban (msnbc), "LOS ANGELES - With California facing a huge budget deficit, officials at the state Department of Finance saw an opportunity to resurrect a controversial proposal for oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara as a way to boost revenue and potentially bring $1.8 billion into state coffers over time."

Will the politicians wake up and smell the revenue?


Politicians usually have a nose for additional cash when financial disaster looms.

Quantum_Flux said...

MIT Models Global Warming

Quantum_Flux said...

...I notice that none of their "warming models" show the Earth getting cooler. Could it be they don't take into account projected solar flux cycles?

anywhere_Smile said...

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