Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Venus Pyramid

"Of all the planets, Venus [Kukulkan/Gukumatz] is clearly the most important in Maya art, cosmology, and calendrics." -- Susan Milbrath, archaeologist, 1999

Milbrath, S., Star Gods of the Maya, 1999

So who were the Blood Lords ripping and tearing hearts out for, if not Lucifer who tried to yoke the steeds of his father Aten's chariot?

"Are you so impressed also by the planet Jupiter that you would regard it as a chief deity above Sun and Moon? And they worshipped those planets, those gods, in the planets themselves. They were lifting their hands, the Babylonians and the Indians, Hindu, and the Chinese, all, they were lifting their hands to those planets in worshipping them. And human sacrifice were brought to them. Even into recent times, among the American Indians, in the last century still, human sacrifice were brought to the planet Venus." -- Immanuel Velikovsky, cosmologist, 1966

Thurman, M.D., The Timing of the Skidi-Pawnee Morning Star Sacrifice, Ethnohistory, Volume 30, Issue 3, Pages 155-163, 1983

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