Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sumerian statuette, British Museum

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." -- Genesis 6:1-2

Sego Canyon, Utah

Wandjina Petroglyphs, Kimberley Australia

"The case in point is the origin of the human race. By either Von Daniken's approach or by Sitchin's, Occam's Razor argues that the single hypothesis of earlier alien contact with extraterrestrials to explain the wonders of the ancient world and the remarkable agreement among ancient texts in speaking of visitation by "the gods" should be prefered to the multitude of separate and ad hoc explanations others have offered. If mainstream science were not so preoccupied with avoiding extraordinary hypotheses, it would surely be agreed by most parties that the evidence, severely lacking though it is, mildly favors the extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis over most others. However, it cannot be argued that the evidence is anything approaching compelling, especially since it is all indirect (i.e., no definite extraterrestrial artifacts have been found). And since the hypothesis is certainly extraordinary, science prefers to reject it until and unless some extraordinary proof comes along. But what if the hypothesis were true, but most of the evidence has been destroyed?" -- Tom Van Flandern, astronomer, 1993

"As is well known in all sciences there have been many important events which have not left any trace." -- Hannes O.G. Alfvén, physicist, 1954

Was Homo sapiens genetically engineered from Homo erectus?


GABRIJEL said...

God is the LORD made heaven and earth, all planets and stars. We are a 6-generation of people who live on our planet Earth. Do you say that the Atlantis today Sjev.Afrika prior to 45,000 years of cultural and civilizational most parts of the country and that they were fifth in a row. Pharaoh knew the battery as well as the advantages of electrical energy. Do you think that we are the only civilization that has succeeded in the culture and civilization?

Legends of monsters, the story of the kings and the Kingdom ... not imaginary, but have their base and it is easy to prove, drawings by the mountains, mountains, woods and stones omedeni could not make people who are left out of the rock with a stone ax! Mesopotamia much about the messages as well as Peru, Bolivia ... Inke and Astec were very intelingentan and clever people, but because of the good spirit and heart have disappeared as a nation ...

GABRIJEL said...

Every night I dream a dream that I fell so much
knowledge that I thought that I have. Old people of Atlantis PRUA I have DERHATI transportation MAGNET? I think that I am crazy, but in the morning when you wake up I make my model, and it works! I'll show you my model you see in my dream and the old nations enjoy the privilege of driving, and we considered the other person? It seems that the only primitivcii we are, because we have been able to destroy our planet but not explozijom like them, but we zatrovali sources, rivers and sea. We destroyed the air and the other below mammals and plants and not to talk about the forests ... all we know, but i still working who will destroy the planet and the government, various states passed laws that people should not smoke cigarettes in public, and one car remove more sumpornog dioxide and CO2 for 10 minutes, than men who smoke cigars, I'm interested in how long will you lie and deceive themselves.

Anonymous said...


The rock paintings etc are facsimiles of plasma instabilities - basically angled views of a plasma focus phenomenon. Nothing to do with aliens etc. Most are petroglyphs but the Wandjina ones are paintings.

Quantum_Flux said...

I'm somewhat skeptical of intelligent beings visiting Earth, and even more skeptical of them being able to breath our air, but as far as microbial or viral aliens I find that quite more likely to be the case. I also believe it's possible that some ancients invented aerial flying balloons and possibly even put some heiroglyphic objects into orbit around the Earth (perhaps via a giant catapult or chemical rocket). But, anyhow, an intelligent alien visiting Earth would be somewhat similar to a human visiting the Bonobos population. By the way, humans aren't worshipped by Bonobos much like highly intelligent aliens probably shouldn't be worshipped by humans.

Jeffery Keown said...

Gabrijel wins the Crazier Than Oils Contest. I didn't know it was running, but I'm glad there is a winner.

Plasma instabilities? You used a rather strong verb "are" This implies you have evidence. Care to elucidate?

Anonymous said...


Anthjony Peratt and others already have - relevant peer reviewed scientific papers here

One of my minor tasks is to record the GPS position and orientation of such figures I encounter for Peratt in my field work as an exploration geologist in Australia.

Papers of specific interest discuss the Z-Pinch as recorded in Antiquity etc.

Peratr has millions of these petroglyphs and graphs in the data base and there is a clear geospatialism to them.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Which would make the descendants of the "gods" and the daughters of men the chosen people?
It seems the gods had a patriarchical society or they were careless with their women. Or perhaps the goddesses did not find the sons of men as attractive as their counterparts did the daughters?