Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prince Albert Says He Has Observed Weather

Prince Albert says weather is real and he has even observed it.

Sphere.Com: Prince Albert of Monaco: Forget E-Mails -- Global Warming Is For Real.

"On every subject of scientific nature there is some controversy. There can be opposing arguments or opposing theories. [And] this will be reviewed," said the head of the world's second-smallest country. "But I have been out in the field myself, and I can assure you there are signs already out there of the effects of climate change. You can argue on the intensity of it, on fluctuations on temperature, ... but one thing is for sure: It is happening and it is happening on a global scale."
He did not clarify whether or not he is aware that the sun causes the weather to change.


Quantum_Flux said...

hahaha, yeah, we live in such a random world anyway, it's absurd to even assume the climate will always remain the same in the first place. What people really need is the ability to control the weather, like an AC unit for the Earth, not carbon taxes though.

Raptor Lewis said...

The Climate is one factor in Natural Selection.

QF- Do you believe in Chaos Theory?

OilIsMastery said...

Mr. Lewis,

Why does natural selection select against atheists who abort their children?

Raptor Lewis said...

¨Why does natural selection select against athiests who abort their children?¨

Did you ignore me when I tried to tell you how Evolutionary theory worked?

Besides, athiests aren't the only ones who do it. I'm sure other religious groups do it to. Quit stereotyping people who don't agree with you.

You sound like a hypocrite!