Monday, November 30, 2009

The Black Hole Myth: Even Galaxies Can Escape Them

"...the 'Schwarzschild singularities' do not exist in physical reality." -- Albert Einstein, mathematician, 1939

"Even mainstream scientists admit that at singularities the ‘laws of physics’ break down. It would be more accurate to say that their own theories break down." -- David Pratt, natural philosopher, 2005

Science Daily: Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy Into Existence?

black holes may be "building" their own host galaxy.


Jeffery Keown said...

I've been saying the black hole comes first for years. Nice to have some observational evidence to back up my cosmological ravings.

OilIsMastery said...


What's your take on Arp and Hoyle Jeffery?

Anaconda said...

@ Jeffery Keown:

Don't you get it.

The so-called "black hole" hypothesis has been falsified once again, but instead of admitting the falsification, astronomers have come up with an ad hoc way to save the theory.

Also, known as fitting the facts to the theory, instead of changing the theory to fit the facts.

This is just one more instance of the "black hole" hypothesis (it doesn't merit the word "theory") being falsified.

If one studies the historical time line for "black hole" hypothesis and the "evolution" of "black hole" ideas and the observations & measurements, it becomes stunningly obvious that the thing is BULL PUCKY.

The center of galaxies are plasmoids.

First, nothing, not even light escaped "black holes", now apparently "black holes" create galaxies.

Jeffery, you are right about one thing: It's stark raving mad.

Raptor Lewis said...

How do you even know that the Black Hole is "zapping" the Galaxies into existence. It could very well be that the hole is absorbing the energy of the galaxy. So, therefore, the theory is NOT dead, but is FACT!

OilIsMastery said...

Young Mr. Lewis,

It is a fact that black holes as described are absolute and unmitigated fairy tales.

Raptor Lewis said...

Wrong! They have been observed.

molad said...

What are plasmoids?