Monday, November 9, 2009

Ancient Plasma Cosmology

"The thunderbolt steers the course of all things." -- Herakleitos, philosopher, 5th century B.C.

"The ancients possessed a plasma cosmology and physics themselves, and from laboratory experiments, were well familiar with the patterns exhibited by [Anthony] Peratt's petroglyphs. They chose, for some strange reason, to disguise their knowledge by creating myths and legends in archaic petroglyphs and mythological symbols." -- Joseph P. Farrell, author, 2007

"Notably, [Anthony] Peratt focuses his attention on petroglyphs thought to be dated from 10,000 to 20,000 B.C.." -- Joseph P. Farrell, author, 2007

"Plasma physicist Anthony Peratt argues that some ancient petroglyphs -- some dating to over 20,000 years ago -- demonstrate remarkable accuracy in the depiction of standard plasma instabilities, and reasons that ancients must have witnessed such instabilities on a massive celestial scale thousands of years ago." -- Joseph P. Farrell, author, 2007

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