Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Z-Pinch Hour-Glass Shape Scales To All Sizes

This so-called "vampire star" exhibits the same Z-pinch hourglass plasma shape that we observe at the nebular scale.

Science Daily: 'Vampire Star': Ticking Stellar Time Bomb Identified.

ScienceDaily (Nov. 17, 2009) — Using ESO's Very Large Telescope and its ability to obtain images as sharp as if taken from space, astronomers have made the first time-lapse movie of a rather unusual shell ejected by a "vampire star," which in November 2000 underwent an outburst after gulping down part of its companion's matter.
Unusual so-called "shell"? Really?


Jeffery Keown said...

The "pinched" area is actually a ring of dust.

You should read the article more carefully, or maybe... at all.

Raptor Lewis said...

Hmm...I've never heard of a "vampire star" and I take that it has to do with it's habitual consumption of adjacent matter. Pretty Cool! If you didn't know, Astronomy and Physics are some of my other interests besides genetics and Paleontology. :)

Jeffery- How do you know he did not read the article. Just because he did not mention doesn't mean he didn't read it. He was merely giving us a short preview of the article following the link possibly due to time constraints as well as encouraging us to read the article. So, I do not like your hostility towards OiM as he really did nothing to you. You sound like an insecure brat and/or a** with that attitude. :(

Quantum_Flux said...

What is causing it?

KV said...


The article does not mention z-pinch even once. You distort the works of others to push your bs.

Anaconda said...

Keown & KV:

Of course, "modern" astronomy talks about accretion disks and such, that's how they keep gravity in the game, but the explanation is complex, if not downright convoluted as to why a old star about to explode and a star formation region have the same shape (hourglass).

Whereas, in the Electric Universe view, it is simple, the Z - pinch process controls star formation and dissolution.

Keown, are you aware that a different analysis & interpretation can be applied depending on perspective? And that a different analysis & interpretation will give rise to different conclusions.

The Z - pinch is a well understood plasma process studied in the laboratory and with electromagnetic phenomenon scale-independent this can be taken to many orders of magnitude larger space structures.

Again, KV, are you familiar with the concept of analysis & interpretation?

It is simple really, approach the analysis & interpretation from an electromagnetic perspective and it all falls into place.

Apparently with all the discussion of electromagnetism and plasma on this website, you haven't troubled yourself to do any independent research.

So much for scientific curiousity.

Here is a link so you can study the subject (if you can be roused to do so) entitled pinch. Notice all the footnotes to documented authority including published peer-reviewed papers.

Really, I thought you guys understood science enough to understand the concept that different perspectives or models will give rise to different analyis & interpretation.

Here...here is some more help...yes, I will lead you by the hand so that you may better understand.

Here is the article entitled Pinch Yourself!

Some friendly advice:

Take the time to review the material and you will have a better grasp of what is going on.

KV said...

Anaconda wrote: Again, KV, are you familiar with the concept of analysis & interpretation?

Short answer is yes. Because of this ability I easily spot proclamations of OIM, you and others.

Anaconda said...

@ KV:

Well...good. Then you know that applying a different model to a set of observations & measurements will often give rise to different conclusions.

Isn't this so?

Nod your head (a little like Goldfinger after he was caught cheating at cards), yes.

Please...your false bravado does nothing to impress me or likely other readers...

Instead, read the material I patiently provided and get back to this thread and discuss...

Of course...silence is also an answer...(of admission).

Anaconda said...

@ KV:

Notice the title of this post.

"Z-Pinch Hour-Glass Shape Scales To All Sizes"

That is the key.

In electrified plasma flows when the current is increased enough a Z - pinch will often develop because of the "sausage instability" where the plasma flow is "pinched".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

KV said...


all shapes come in any size you can imagine...

Why are you and OIM hellbent in seeing a z-pinch everywhere? A prostrate gland also z-pinches to stop the flow.

Anaconda said...

@ KV:

It isn't just OilIsMastery and I.

There are many others including Hannes Alfven, 1970 Nobel Prize Winner, physics, and Dr. Anthony Peratt, Los Alamos National Laboratory:

Dr. Peratt's curriculum vitae.

Of course, you would know that if you had bothered to review the "pinch" link.