Friday, November 6, 2009

Did Pythagoras Fly?

"Abaris was called Aethrobates, the walker in air; for he was carried in the air on an arrow of the Hyperborean Apollo, over rivers, seas and inaccessible places. It is believed that this was the method employed by Pythagoras when on the same day he discoursed with his friends at Metapontum and Tauromenium." -- Porphyry, philosopher, 3rd century

"Flying machines as these were of old, and are made even in our day." -- Roger Bacon, natural philospher, 1260

"... flying through the air by magic has has now become reality...." -- Georg Luck, historian, 1985

"Iamblichus presents Pythagoras as a soul sent from the gods to enlighten mankind (O'Meara 1989, 35-40)." -- Carl Huffman, historian, 2005

"Porphyry also emphasizes Pythagoras' divine aspects and may be setting him up as a rival to Jesus (Iamblichus 1991, 14)." -- Carl Huffman, historian , 2005

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