Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Obvious Discordant Redshift Association

This is the Whirlpool Galaxy M51a aka NGC 5194 and it's companion NGC 5195.

They have slightly different redshifts but are obviously connected.

NGC 5194 has a redshift of 463 ± 3 km/s while NGC 5195 has a redshift of 465 ± 10 km/s.

They are two of the galaxies in the M51 Group.

The redshifts in the M51 Group range from 260 ± 5 (UGC 8331) to 593 ± 4 (UGC 8313).

There are also quasars in the Whirlpool galaxy (obviously with extremely high redshift) yet another miracle.

An interesting note: the Whirlpool Galaxy is said to be so bright that the planets near the center never experience night.

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Anaconda said...

I support the theory that quasars are connected to galaxies nearby, but the first picture in the post looks like the quasar is behind the galaxy.

The second picture, themo-imaging does make it look connected.

Which is the better picture?