Monday, January 5, 2009

Strongest Evidence Yet For A Link Among Sun, Climate, and Culture

CO2 Science: An Eighteen-Hundred-Year Climate Record from China.

Another point of great interest about the Zhang et al. record is that it "correlates with solar variability, Northern Hemisphere and Chinese temperature, Alpine glacial retreat, and Chinese cultural changes." And since none of the last four phenomena can influence the first one, it stands to reason that solar variability is what has driven the variations in every other factor mentioned. In fact, in a commentary that accompanies Zhang et al.'s article, Kerr (2008) states that the Zhang et al. record is described by other researchers as "amazing," "fabulous," and "phenomenal," and that it "provides the strongest evidence yet for a link among sun, climate, and culture." In addition, we note that it provides equally strong evidence for at least the Northern-Hemispheric-extent of the Medieval Warm Period and its greater and more persistent warmth than that of the Current Warm Period.

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Anaconda said...


Note the three pictures of the Sun.

If that isn't direct evidence of increased Sun activity, I don't know what is.

At this point, the scientific evidence strongly suggests the Sun's electrical activity is the prime reason why the Earth's atmospheric temperature warms or cools.

Let me suggest Earth's warming or cooling atmosphere is also influenced by geological activity which is stimulated by the electric currents the Earth receives from the Sun.

And the primary influence on Earth's geological activity is electromagnetic energy the Earth receives from the Sun.

Heat is a by-product of electrical activity not the other way round.