Monday, March 23, 2009

Cold Fusion Confirmed (Again)

EE Times: Cold fusion experimentally confirmed.

PORTLAND, Ore. — U.S. Navy researchers claimed to have experimentally confirmed cold fusion in a presentation at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting.

"We have compelling evidence that fusion reactions are occurring" at room temperature, said Pamela Mosier-Boss, a scientist with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (San Diego). The results are "the first scientific report of highly energetic neutrons from low-energy nuclear reactions," she added.
No doubt the results will be deliberately ignored i.e. the science denied and actively suppressed, censoring scientific progress with the help of Twitter.
Cold fusion was first reported in 1989 by researchers Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons ... Other scientists were unable to duplicate the 1989 results, thereby discrediting the work.
Scientists can't duplicate the results of Nolan Ryan or Roger Clemens either, but that doesn't mean the 100 mile per hour fastball doesn't exist.


Jeffery Keown said...

Why do scientists suppress science?

Pleroma said...

Man is a political animal.

OilIsMastery said...

1. First: Under-recognition of the power of what psychologists call 'reinforcement' and economists call 'incentives.'

2. My second factor is simple psychological denial.

3. Third: incentive-cause bias, both in one's own mind and that of ones trusted advisor, where it creates what economists call 'agency costs.'

4. Fourth, and this is a superpower in error-causing psychological tendency: bias from consistency and commitment tendency, including the tendency to avoid or promptly resolve cognitive dissonance. Includes the self-confirmation tendency of all conclusions, particularly expressed conclusions, and with a special persistence for conclusions that are hard-won.

Pleroma said...

5. From game theory- information cascades:

This explains how an entire academic discipline can go astray, in fact, why they will always tend to go astray, especially with a patronage based academic department structure. It stays astray because of the above.

By the way, a great book that contains popular expositions on the 4 points OIM mentioned and others is Robert Cialdini's "The Psychology of Persuasion".

Quantum_Flux said...

(1) Well, well, well.... perhaps the world should stop making a distinction between Fusion and Fission reactions. You can't have one without the other, and you can't have nuclear contamination without both either.

(2) It is a fusion reaction anytime a particle enters the nucleus of an atom and it is a fission reaction anytime a particle exits the nucleus of an atom.

(3) Another thing, the laymen need to know that temperatures are better discriptors than the words "hot" and "cold" or even "room temp".

(4) Has the world gone mad? If "Cold Fusion" has been confirmed today, then the only test of it's confirmation is whether there is an engine that works on cold fusion tommorrow. Of course we can all expect a series of frauds and such, and then investors won't invest in legitimate science because they don't know what that is in the first place, and then the whole thing will get muddled and forgotten.... (case in point, The Wall Street Journal reported a bug that poops out viable octane some time ago when I first visited this site? Why!? What the hell happened to the engine that runs on microbial poop!?)

Blue Pencil India said...

IS this to be really beleived?

-- Thanks.
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