Thursday, March 26, 2009

Electrically Charged Particles Correlated To Antarctic Ozone Hole

Protons, alpha particles, and electrons. Oh my! (Via Watts Up With That)

Lu, Q.B., Correlation Between Cosmic Rays and Ozone Depletion, Physical Review Letters, Volume 102, Number 11, 118501, Mar 2009

This Letter reports reliable satellite data in the period of 1980–2007 covering two full 11-yr cosmic ray (CR) cycles, clearly showing the correlation between CRs and ozone depletion, especially the polar ozone loss (hole) over Antarctica. The results provide strong evidence of the physical mechanism that the CR driven electron-induced reaction of halogenated molecules plays the dominant role in causing the ozone hole. Moreover, this mechanism predicts one of the severest ozone losses in 2008–2009 and probably another large hole around 2019–2020, according to the 11-yr CR cycle.


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