Saturday, March 7, 2009

Electric Muons and their Implications

Back in January I had posted about cosmic rays inside the Earth and some of their implications. Louis Hissink pointed out that cosmic rays are really electricity, in this case muons. Referring back to Osprey et al 2009, Louis has great new commentary on the electric muon weather connection and it's implications: Another Electrical Connection – Stratosphere and underground Muons.

Most muons observed at the surface of the earth are produced by primary cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere and are the most numerous energetic particles at sea-level, according to Hyper-Physics. Muons are simply electrically charged particles, as are cosmic rays. Moving electrically charged particles are otherwise known as electricity or electric currents.

Fluctuations in the underground muon detection rate could then be interpreted as fluctuations in the cosmic ray input to the Earth, so Osprey et al’s conclusions might be restated as Sudden Stratospheric warmings are strongly correlated with vertical electric currents measured deep underground.

I use the term “vertical currents” because this is dominantly what the underground sensors measure, vertically above, since this is the shortest distance to the surface.

But if surges in muons are correlated with temperature rises in the Stratosphere, then maybe a base current maintains the background temperature of the stratosphere, and by implication the temperature of the earth itself.

It cannot be stressed too many times, but volcanoes do not just erupt from a pent up store of energy, but do so from a surge in energy from an external source. Clearly heat produced by radiogenic elements, under our present state of knowledge, can never surge but only wane over time, since the source of radiogenic heat is continually being depleted by radioactive decay.

This leads me to suggest that the temperature of the earth is probably maintained by the influx of electrical energy to it, whether by flux tube [transfer] events, aka Birkeland currents, as well as the influx of cosmic rays. There is an obvious diurnal heat source in the Sun’s direct radiance, but as previously posted here, sometthing is amplifying the known solar radiation, and I would suggest that its the missing link – the Earth-Sun-Galaxy electrical system.

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