Monday, March 2, 2009

Hubble To Point At Arp 274

Arp 274 won the Hubble Site vote and no doubt my vote was the decisive one...:P

67,021 votes vs. second place which was only 11,451 votes.

I think this vote pretty much sums up where the public is on the Arp redshift controversy.

Now, let's get to the facts.

This is yet another system where the redshifts of the objects show them to be at drastically different distances, but they are in obvious contact.

Redshift velocities for the three components are - A 7483 km/sec, B 8654 km/sec and C 7618 km/sec.

Arp 274

By conventional theory A and C are fairly close, but B should be a background object, anywhere from 17 to 23 Mpc in the background. This is the distance from us to the main Virgo cluster, so how is there interaction?


Anonymous said...

Oh, a Birkeland current.


Raptor Lewis said...

Interesting. What is a "redshift?"

Anonymous said...


Redshift is likened to a doppler effect and in astronomy it is considered indicative of the distance a galaxy is away from us, the higher the redshift, the further away it is.

Halton Arp, however, considers it as a measure of age of a star or galaxy.

Raptor Lewis said...

Oh. I get it! Thanks for clearing that up!