Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worlds Before Our Own

"It is amazing that such sophisticated people, as we judge ourselves to be, do not even know who we are." -- Brad Steiger, author, October 1978

"As we shall see again and again, we have such a limited knowledge and practically no understanding of the worlds before our own." -- Brad Steiger, author, October 1978

"Orthodox pooh-poohing to the contrary, the pyramids really do hold many mysteries. ... no one has explained how the earliest and smallest populations could erect the largest architecture." -- Brad Steiger, author, October 1978

"Two hypotheses may explain the presence of these perplexing artifacts, these "erratics": (1) that they were manufactured by an advanced civilization on Earth which, due either to natural or technological catastrophe was destroyed before our own world's genesis; (2) that they are evidence of a highly technological species of extraterrestrial origin, which visited this planet millions of years ago, leaving behind various artifacts. This present volume [Worlds Before Our Own] shall emphasize the former theory." -- Brad Steiger, author, October 1978

"In spite of the general popularity of catastrophism, there does seem to be a number of recently discovered 'proofs' of ancient cataclysmic changes in the Earth's crust, which may account for the nearly total disappearance of these prehistoric worlds. Geological evidence indicates that these changes were both sudden and drastic and might have completely overwhelmed and destroyed the early inhabitants and their cultures." -- Brad Steiger, author, October 1978

"...the suggestion of sentient humans walking about writing on North American walls during the Carboniferous Era, 250 million years ago, simply subjects the orthodox thinking apparatus to more shocks than may be comfortably sustained." -- Brad Steiger, author, October 1978