Friday, February 26, 2010

Cyclopean Ruins of Sacsayhuaman

"....this fortress [Sacsayhuaman/Satisfied Falcon] surpasses the constructions known as the seven wonders of the world. For in the case of a long broad wall like that of Babylon, or the colossus of Rhodes, or the pyramids of Egypt, or the other monuments, one can see clearly how they were, by summoning an immense body of workers and accumulating more and more material day by day and year by year, they overcame all difficulties by employing human effort over a long period. But it is indeed beyond the power of imagination to understand how these Indians, unacquainted with devices, engines, and implements, could have cut, dressed, raised, and lowered great rocks, more like lumps of hills than building stones, and set them so exactly in their places. For this reason, and because the Indians were so familiar with demons, the work is attributed to enchantment." -- Garcilaso de la Vega, historian, 1610

"As told by Huaman Poma [Falcon Puma], five such ages had preceded that in which he lived. The first was an age of Viracochas, an age of gods, of holiness, of life without death, although at the same time it was devoid of inventions and refinements; the second was an age of skin-clad giants, the Huari Runa, or 'Indigenes,' worshippers of Viracocha; third came the age of Puron Runa, or 'Common Men,' living without culture; fourth, that of Auca Runa, 'Warriors,' and fifth that of the Inca rule, ended by the coming of the Spaniards." -- Hartley B. Alexander, historian, The Mythology of All Races, 1920

"Here is a mystery: The [Inca] chronicler Garcilaso de la Vega was born around 1530 [1539], and raised in the shadow of these walls. And yet he seems not to have had a clue as to how Sacsayhuaman was built. ... Surely a few of those 20,000 labourers were still around when Garcilaso was young. Was everyone struck with amnesia? Or is Sacsayhuaman much older than we've been led to believe?" -- WorldMysteries.Com


KV said...

This only proves that they knew how to move stones, and thats all, nothing more. Sooner or later, we will find that this was all for sacrificing virgins or pulling out the hearts or such similar macbre acts of morbid ignorance, that you seem to exude a whole lot.

Did you read Burton's book on The Jew?

What else of Burton have you read?

Why is it that your illusion box of clips and cuts is devoid of Burton?

OilIsMastery said...

You never thanked me for teaching you who Burton was.

KV said...


Did you read The Jew?

Besides, I knew of Burton, the translator of Kamasutra, possibly your only interest in Burton.

KV said...


Kamasutra is a better pursuit for one's time then beamfucked by wimps.

By the way, wimps are into Kamasutra, they took fair maidens.

OilIsMastery said...

It's not the Jew.

It's The Jew, the Gypsy, and El Islam.

I've read some of it.

And I've read some of his other works like The Book of the Sword and Thousand Nights.

KV said...

And, not Kamasutra? Give me a break!

KV said...

Yes, but each topic of the long title is book within; besides, since you go back to the wimps as documented by the Jews much more frequently, his work on The Jews is relevent. Read and enlighten yourself, if it is even possible. Also read The Gypsy and El Islam while you are at it.

OilIsMastery said...

Yes I've read it. Why the obsession?

KV said...

What obsession do you want? Have fun with fair maidens, or read about how wimps did it!

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