Thursday, March 18, 2010

82% of French Public Are Mindless Sheep

BBC: French TV Contestants Made to Inflict 'Torture'.

82% of participants in the Game of Death agreed to pull the lever. ...

"They are not equipped to disobey," he told AFP. ...

Mr Nick says that his experiment shows that the TV element further increases people's willingness to obey.

"With Milgram, 62% of people obeyed an abject authority. In the setting of television, it's 80%," he told Reuters.
So 80% of the French public are mindless sheep and natural born slaves to authority.

This is supposed to be news?

"... from the hour of our birth, some are marked for subjection, others for rule." -- Aristotle, philosopher, Politics, Book I, 350 B.C.


Quantum_Flux said...

"French Victories"

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Do we not all know that the Chinese seperated 5% of US and UN prisoners in the Korean War. The bulk were sent to low security camps but the 5% had a more secure regime.

The number of US conscripts in WWII who fired their weapon? 1in 4 or so? The number who killed enemy troops? 5% or so.

Know yourself.

KV said...

McCarthy and you are the two real mindless sheeps.

You and McCarthy have engaged in promoting willful lies and deceptions that does not serve the creationist, inteligent design, plasma, or electric only universe postions and arguments at all.

Unfortunately, I learned of your identity and now know your background as IT person, mostly capable of cut-paste operations, which most IT people do, steal codes and intellectual properties of others without ever knowing anything. You are the real morbidly ignorant, not anaconda.

FYI for other readers. Look up the research done on torture at Stanford U. long before the god-fuckers took over the govt. and practiced it for the fun of it, and because they could do it and get away with it.

So Brian, I will not be posting here, because, you have engaged in deliberate distortions and lies. I hope JK keeps the flame going to point out the darkness of morbid ignorance you are peddling.

OilIsMastery said...


As usual you are clueless. You've found the wrong

Good riddance.

KV said...

I did not identify you by your last name, but you did!

That is the proof enough for me that you are morbidly ignorant and will remain so. Go sniff McCarthy's farts.