Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Evolution Hoax Exposed

Science Daily: 'Missing Link' Fossil Was Not Human Ancestor as Claimed, Anthropologists Say.

ScienceDaily (Mar. 3, 2010) — A fossil that was celebrated last year as a possible "missing link" between humans and early primates is actually a forebearer of modern-day lemurs and lorises, according to two papers by scientists at The University of Texas at Austin, Duke University and the University of Chicago.

In an article now available online in the Journal of Human Evolution, four scientists present evidence that the 47-million-year-old Darwinius masillae is not a haplorhine primate like humans, apes and monkeys, as the 2009 research claimed.

They also note that the article on Darwinius published last year in the journal PLoS ONE ignores two decades of published research showing that similar fossils are actually strepsirrhines, the primate group that includes lemurs and lorises.

"Many lines of evidence indicate that Darwinius has nothing at all to do with human evolution," says Chris Kirk, associate professor of anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin.


Jeffery Keown said...

Not a hoax.

Quit lying.

OilIsMastery said...

So you think those are genuine ancestors?


The question I have: is there any fossil on Earth that evolutionists aren't willing to say humans are descended from?

Jeffery Keown said...

I'm not saying scientists call all fossils human ancestors, but Darwinius wasn't scrutinized as extensively as others. If you'd read the literature prior to this story, you'd know that folks opposed the classification almost a year ago.

It was not a hoax, it was a fossil that many disagreed with. Further analysis seems to have settled the issue.

Except for you... you see conspiracies everywhere, and then lie about them.

OilIsMastery said...

No missing link Jeffery. Wishful thinking on the part of Darwinist hoaxsters and an all too gullible and brainwashed public.

KV said...


You got to keep within the scope of the work.

Almost all sciences are now doing work at very detailed levels, where the context and ignorance of historical knowledge can be easily manipulated by the charlatanian behavior like you engage in. It requires intelligence to paddle nonsense, (just look at the financial wizards who paddled nonsense). Why are you abusing your intelligence to paddle morbid ignorance?

Post interesting topics, and, add your views at the end, but stop using tabloids methods...

Jeffery Keown said...

No missing link?

It's true. There are no "missing links" just transitional fossils. Tons of them.

john bailo said...

Evo-Devo challenges the whole idea of "ancestry" because it essentially says the structural DNA is pretty much the same, and its only the regulatory DNA that makes species different.

So, really, there isn't "speciation" as in species branching off into completely new genomes but more of an arm becoming a wing or a flipper or vice versa.

So, that lemur is not an ancestor or a descendant but something very close to us, only with a little more tail, a little less brain.

Quantum_Flux said...

So, every time a hypothesis is proved wrong it is a hoax, right!? I guess the expanding Earth is a hoax too.

Krazycrow2 said...

The only thing Darwin proved was different diets change color and/or size of a species.There is no evidence of one species changing into another!Look what happened to Darwins simple cell.Its not so simple nowadays.The reason ppl dont want to believe in God is because God stands in the way of their sexual morey.DR.Robert M.D.