Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Partial Declassification of UFOs

Deutsche Welle: Despite partial disclosure, Europe's UFO files remain mostly under wraps.

In the two years since the French made their top-secret UFO files public, more European nations have declassified documents. But the majority remain tight-lipped with a few refusing to even acknowledge the phenomenon. ...

The British and French governments are among a select few in Europe to have declassified previously top secret files and experts believe that, while they may currently be in the minority in revealing their documents, they are certainly not alone in having recorded sightings.

"The French released their UFO files through their space agency in 2007, Britain is mid-way through a 3-4 year program of revealing theirs under the Freedom of Information Act, while the Norwegians and the Danes have already released some files as have the Italians," Nick Pope, a former investigator of UFO reports and sightings with the British MoD and an expert on the topic, told Deutsche Welle. "The UFO phenomenon is a global phenomenon; there are unquestionably sightings all around the world so all European countries will certainly have had UFO sightings."

Germany is one of the many European countries which have not declassified their UFO files. In fact, the German government refuses to even admit that it has any UFO files despite the fact that independent organizations record, on average, between 50 and 100 sightings a year in the skies over Germany.

"Germany has a high level of UFO sightings," Robert Fleischer, the coordinator for the German Initiative for Exopolitics, told Deutsche Welle.

He said that, since 1974, over 500 so-called "real" UFO cases - reported sightings that, after careful consideration by specialized experts, cannot be related to any conventional information - have been recorded.

"However, there has never been any official recognition by the German government relating to UFOs or UFO activity," Fleischer added. "So if the Germans were to open any files relating to UFOs, all we would find out is that they pass all their information to the Americans."

Most UFO cases reported over Germany were only revealed when US files were made public. Germany's lack of UFO research is possibly due to the fact that "the US assumed that role after the end of World War II, although the Germans have never officially acknowledged this or any interest in UFOs," he said. ...

"When you read about sightings in governmental files from all around Europe with testimonies from military pilots, commercial airline pilots, and radar reports which show these things performing maneuvers and speeds that are way beyond our capabilities, it changes the nature of the debate from an underground anomaly to a mainstream issue," said Pope,"and that has to be a good thing."


KV said...


May be UFOs are Germans, the guardians of our missing spaceships of eon past!

OilIsMastery said...


Maybe you'll never know.

Quantum_Flux said...

Focus on Superconductivity in Semiconductors....hey, that gives me all kinds of cool ideas.

Anaconda said...

I'm agnostic about UFO's. I don't know.

Certainly, there are many credible reports, and I've watched with interest my share of UFO programs on the History Channel.

Still, I'll hold back from being convinced. Is it possible, yes. But possibility is not fact in considering the UFO issue.

Still, I'll keep and open-mind and consider additional evidence as it comes in.

However, there is one thing I do know is true -- if UFO's are present, then they operate using technology that harnesses ant-gravity capability.

Numerous credible UFO sightings describe maneuvering that can only be consistent with anti-gravity propulsion.

Again, I'm agnostic, still one can "not know", yet consider the evidence.

And the evidence that does exist strongly suggests anti-gravity technology.

What else do we know of the evidence?

There is a strong association between UFO sightings and electromagnetic disturbance, particularly on water or in the air where folks typically rely on a compass, so they have a readily available tool, if somewhat crude, to measure electromagnetic disturbances.

I suggest the key to anti-gravity technology would be to "reverse" engineer anti-gravity physics.

So, in other words, if UFO's are present and using anti-gravity technology, then the physics much be such that anti-gravity can be achieved by a "craft".

Again, I'm agnostic about UFO's.

Frankly, Man does not know as much about the basic dynamics of matter such as gravity, electromagnetism, and the structure of matter as Science would have us believe.

No one has ever seen an electron.

No one has even seen a proton and its electron (a hydrogen atom).

There are at least two distinct models (sorry Quantum_Flux).

The nuclear model with electrons circling a nucleus and the balloon model.

Bill Gaedes presents this delemma: The Emperor's Robe Another fantastic fairy tale of Quantum Mechanics, Einstein's Idiots #10.

So, nothing is certain, notwithstanding Quantum Mechanics claim to certainty, inspite of it being based on the Uncertainty Principle -- strange.

Which leads us to potential models of matter and gravity and electromagnetism which could support anti-gravity propulsion systems.

Now, Bill Gaedes has the rope theory, some things are good about rope theory, other things are bad.

The concept of torsional dynamics which allows near instantaneous action at a distance is good, using double helix electromagnetic torsional structure for his rope is good.

Having every single atom connected to every other atom in the whole damn Universe is bad. Very bad.

So, Gaedes is at most only partially right.

Ed Leedskalnin also uses torsional dynamics to describe his monopole magnetics, but there is an incomplete quality to the work.

Yet, his work has potential because, it would seem, with the proper orientation of the magnetic monopoles, perhaps by controlling frequency and resonance, one could create magnetic repulsion like when you put two North poles of a magnet together they repel.

Magnetism, even in the conventional model is about lining up the "spin".

If Leedskalnin is right and gravity eminates from the Earth via monopoles seperated from their electrical duality and radiating from the Earth, then a craft could be constructed that has, in effect, and opposite "charge" than the Earth.


Anaconda said...


Could it be that a propulsion system could concentrate the density of magnetic monopoles and orient their vector direction so that assuming Earth has an equal number of North pole and South pole monopoles (maybe this is why there are gravitational anomalies at the Earth's surface) the craft could employ a repulsion force system.

Anti-gravity to work must employ forces of repulsion -- this is counter-intuitive to magnetism which is thought more as an attractive force.

But an opposite to gravity's attractive force must be found.

If one exists or can be manipulated to exist.

Anti-gravity to truly work must change the polarity of gravity to a repulsive force.

So as much as a body of mass is attracted to the Earth would be repelled by the Earth, actually it would have to be repelled more than attracted or could generate more repulsion than attaction.


Anonymous said...


I've only seen one UFO documentary and that was during the early 1990's - it featured machines identified as the "Adamski" ones.

What struck me straight away was the familiarity with 1930-40's German engineering practices.

I haven't followed this line of investigation further, however.