Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Magnetic Monopole Model Vs. The Electron Model

"The electron as particle and the nebula as explosion have been useful theories. Eventually, there comes a time when it’s just time to die." -- Mel Acheson, natural philosopher, November 2009

Edward Leedskalnin: Magnetic Current Research.

Millions of people all over the world are being fooled by the non-existing electrons. Here is how the electrons came into existence. Thomson invented an imaginary baby and called it an electron. Rutherford adopted it and now the men with the long hair are nursing it. The electron has a brother and its name is proton, but it is heavy and lazy. It remains stationary in the middle, but the electron has to run around it. To the electrical engineers the positive electricity is everything, the negative electricity is nothing, but to the physicists the negative electricity is everything, and the positive electricity is nothing. Looking from a neutral standpoint they cancel each other, so we have no electricity, but we have something. If we do not know how to handle the thing that comes through a wire from a generator or a battery, we will get badly shocked. Read the booklet "Magnetic Current" then you will know what the thing is, and the way it runs through a wire.

The invention of an electron came by a tricky method in using electricity in a vacuum tube. Normally whether it be a generator or a battery, the positive terminal will have to be connected to the negative terminal, but in the vacuum tube two batteries with different strength were used, the smaller battery was connected normally, but the larger battery's negative terminal was connected to the smaller battery's negative terminal, and the positive terminal was left alone. That connection gave the negative terminal a double dose of strength, and so it became hotter and could push more. It was called cathode and the positive terminal anode, and the electricity that passed from the cathode to the anode was called electrons.

In case the inventor had used normally direct methods to find out what the electricity was he would have found out that the positive and negative electricity is in equal strength, and are running positive electricity against the negative electricity. That can be seen by connecting each of two pieces of soft iron wire with each terminal of a car battery and then by putting together and pulling away each loose end of the soft iron wire. More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal. This direct method is more reliable than the tricky method in the vacuum tube. The trouble with the physicists is they use indirect and ultra-indirect methods to come to their conclusions.

If the inventor of electrons had a vacuum tube in which his electrons could run close to the top of the vacuum tube from the west side of the cathode to the east side of the anode and then would hang a vertically hanging magnet that is made from three-inch long hard steel fishing wire, and then hang one magnet pole at one time right on top in the middle of his stream of electrons, then he would have seen the north pole magnet swinging north, and the south pole magnet swinging south. The same thing will happen if the magnets are held above any wire where the electricity is running through. Those two vertically hanging magnets prove that the electricity is composed of two different and equal forces. Another way to prove this is to connect a flexible wire loop east end of the wire with positive battery's terminal, west end with negative terminal, raise the loop one inch above the floor. Put U shape magnet one inch from loop, north pole south side of the loop. The north pole magnet will pull in the loop. Put the south pole magnet in the same place. It will push the loop away. Put the south pole magnet north side of the loop, this time it will pull the loop in. Put the north pole magnet in the same place, it will push the loop away. This indicates that electricity the same as a magnet bar is composed of two equal forces, and each force is running one against the other in whirling right hand twist, but those forces in the wire have higher speed, and both forces are coming out across from the same wire. One of the forces is north pole magnets and the other is south pole magnets. They are the cosmic forces. Your electric motor is turned around on its axis by north and south pole magnets. Even you could not start your car without the north and south pole magnets.

If electricity is made with north and south pole magnets and the electric motor is turned around on its axis by the north and south pole magnets as is the fact, then this will bring up a question, where then are those Thomson electrons. They are not around the electric motor. The plain answer is they are non-existing.


Fungus FitzJuggler III said...


Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Leedskalnin seems to be onto a lot there, except that I recall shapes that have been photographed, with STM, that appear to reveal the orbital shapes of these pesky electrons.

The Greeks thought in two camps and one said that shape was everything.

Still not evidence of an electron but of an area of effect of ? monopole?

KV said...


From the article cited by FF III:

…seems instead to be a bubble that is cinched at the waist by a vast ribbon as seen by energetic neutral atoms — atoms that are not electrically charged, but are moving very fast through space —…

t captures energetic particles coming from the boundary between the sun's region of influence and the interstellar space beyond.


Anaconda said...


There is nothing remotely suggesting so-called "dark Matter" in this announcement.

(Science@NASA) Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System 10.15.2009

KV, read the news release. Anything in there about "dark matter"?

KV, sometimes your willingness to spin and distort is simply grotesque.

How many times do I have to lay out the facts via links to documentation and your subsequent slinking away like a dog with your tail between your legs before you realize that kind of spin and distortion won't cut?

From the NASA press release:

"October 15, 2009: For years, researchers have known that the solar system is surrounded by a vast bubble of magnetism."

"We had no idea this ribbon existed--or what has created it. Our previous ideas about the outer heliosphere are going to have to be revised."

The spin stops here.

KV said...


What would call neutral atoms at incredible speed outside of heliosphere? DARK MATTER!

Quantum_Flux said...

Um, an electron orbital creates a magnetic field or spin. If the magnetic permeability of fee space were no existant then you would have all magnetic monopoles. I do think that you can significantly reduce the magnetic permeability of free space with supercooled conductivity, but that's technically not free-space, more like a ceramic material structure.

Anaconda said...

KV wrote: "Anaconda,

What would call neutral atoms at incredible speed outside of heliosphere? DARK MATTER!"

I'm not sure whether you are attempting to be facetious or what.

But as astronomy uses the term, "dark matter", it is matter that can't be detected at all. And hasn't been detected by either direct or indirect means.

By definition the supposedly neutral matter in the ribbon area HAS BEEN DETECTED, so it is not "dark matter" now is it?

Time for you to go back to the drawing board, but nice try.